Best Buy taps a TikTok trend to show it has the tech

The retailer's back-to-school campaign wants to show customers how it can help them realize their grand ambitions.

Best Buy Canada’s back-to-school campaign this year is taking its inspiration from a TikTok transition technique to show how it can help Canadians realize their dreams.

The effort, called “Welcome to Your Fresh Start,” focuses on a young woman who is considering all of the possibilities her future could hold – and, using the TikTok-style transitions, it spotlights the ways in which Best Buy and the tech it sells can play a role in helping her achieve those goals.

“The right tech can be the key to unlock someone’s potential. That’s the idea we wanted to bring to life for this commercial,” says Lance Martin, CCO at DonerNorth, which developed the campaign for the retailer. “We landed on this transition style to give the spot the energy you expect from a Best Buy commercial, while also being a great vehicle to show our hero imagining all of the different paths tech could take her.”

James Pelletier, the director of marketing for Best Buy Canada, says the message is an especially timely one coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“For many of us, the past two years have often felt like a holding pattern,” he explains, adding that the retailer “sees it as an opportunity to encourage our customers to have bigger ambitions and achieve bigger dreams through technology.”

“Whether you want to change careers, pursue a new passion or uproot your entire life, Best Buy can be the launching pad to achieving those pursuits by providing the tech needed to succeed,” Pelletier adds.

The campaign launched July 25 with a 30-second TV and OLV spot, as well as shorter cutdowns that are running online and across social. Media Experts handled the buy for the campaign.