McDonald’s creates an ASMR video to tempt diners

A new video aims to use auditory stimulation to generate interest in the QSR's limited-edition Grand Big Mac.

McDonald’s Canada wants to get people craving a new, limited-edition upgrade to its Big Mac sandwich by appealing to their sense of hearing.

The QSR is tapping into an online trend by releasing a four-minute YouTube video intended to induce ASMR – autonomous sensory meridian response – to promote its Grand Big Mac, which is available until the end of July. ASMR videos are intended to stimulate euphoric sensations, including a tingling along the scalp and down the back of the neck.

The video is full of evocative sounds that immerse the viewer in the experience of dining at a McDonald’s restaurant and – specifically – of the sound of its new burger cooking.

This is not the first time McDonald’s has used sound in its marketing – it featured the familiar squeak of Quebec cheese curds in a French-language spot for its new, larger poutine earlier this year.

McDonald’s is also not the first brand to tap into the ASMR trend for marketing, as candy brand Reese successfully did with an award-winning campaign centred around a spoof feature-length film.

But McDonald’s is clearly hoping the video will build an appetite for the new burger – a version of its most recognizable menu item made with a bigger beef patty. Many of McDonald’s most prominent mass campaigns in Canada have been for limited-time versions of the Big Mac, namely a series of campaigns for the Big Mac with Bacon.

Weber Shandwick developed the ASMR video.