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Jameson is making more time for social occasions

The whiskey brand creates its own version of happy hour, promoting it by lighting Toronto in green every night for a month.


Tommyrotter adds some ‘mischief’ to marketing spirits

The distiller aims to break away from the close-up shots of drinks being poured that dominate the category.


Saintly Wine spins a message about rose in a laundromat

The Arterra brand picked an unconventional venue for a wine tasting to build its connection to fashion.


Why a single malt scotch is cashing in on crypto

From Shopper Marketing Report: The Glenlivet is giving away cryptocurrency to evolve its popularity with finance types.

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Corona adapts its identity for the ready-to-drink market

The brand’s first non-beer beverage uses beachy vibes and sustainability to reach consumers that are into the laid-back attitude but still want an alternative.

Juicy-beverage-Wild Postings

Steam Whistle teams up with MTV to break out in RTD

A Jersey Shore-inspired hard seltzer aims to help the brewer stand out from established players.


Lindeman’s brings its sustainable ethos to Stackt

The wine brand’s month-long activation is entirely built with reusable and recyclable materials.


Bodacious finds a perfect partner in Shiseido

The wine and makeup brands are co-promoting a makeup giveaway to help Canadians be their confident selves again.

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How Nic Laloux is enticing Gen Z with vintage POS

From Shopper Marketing Report: The Arterra wine is targeting social bohemians with pastel colours and cycling giveaways.


Topo Chico leans into century-long brand equity

The Molson Coors/Coca-Cola hard seltzer is coming to Canada aimed at consumers weary of other offerings available.

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SAQ shows that there’s no one right way to drink

A campaign for the Inspire loyalty program makes picking a purchase less intimidating by humanizing recommendations.


Coors Seltzer is helping older millennials keep things ‘wild’

The brand sees people aged 30 to 35 as a mostly-untapped audience, but one its data shows has been loyal to the beverage it’s selling.

10. IMBZZL_Series

Arterra premiumizes its Inniskillin and IMBZZL wines

Two brands with very different legacies get overhauls that emphasize the quality available at an affordable price.


The NoLo (craft) beer wars heat up

Drinkers no longer have to sacrifice taste for health, with new no- or low-alcohol beverages that are actually palatable.


Romeo’s Gin finds a niche within the RTD niche

Duvernois Creative Spirits is launching non-alcoholic, ready-to-drink beverages to meet a growing consumer demand.