Stanfield’s takes its guy cross-country

The underwear brand is raising money for below-the-waist cancer research by taking its "guy at home" on the road this week.

East Coast-based underwear company Stanfield’s is back, taking their guy out of the home and on the road with a 21-day cross-country hitchhiking trip wearing nothing more than a new pair of Stanfield’s each day.

The trek, with media and creative from John St., kicks off this Wednesday and will be documented on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages as well as on The aim is to raise brand awareness, with Stanfield’s pledging to donate $20,000 to the Canadian Cancer Society for below-the-waist cancer research when Mark McIntyre completes the journey.

Fans of McIntyre, who was first introduced during Stanfield’s “Guy at Home in His Underwear” campaign in 2010 (which won an AToMiC Grand Prix), can help him get from Vancouver to Truro, NS, by signing up online to give him a ride (in exchange for free underwear), vote for daily gifts like hot water bottles and give him dares (like polar bear swimming), says Stephen Jurisic, creative director, John St.

“One thing about Stanfield’s is that they have such a broad range of underwear and this is a good chance to reach the younger demo by going where they live online,” he says. “This creates brand recognition and works like a travelling national campaign.”