Johnson & Johnson launches

The new CRM platform will be promoted with retailer-specific in-store campaigns and a traditional media buy.

To reinvigorate its decade-old CRM platform, Living Well, Johnson & Johnson is kicking off a new brand platform,, says Shelley Kohut, director of communications and PR.

“What we realized was that [Living Well] wasn’t meeting today’s needs,” she says. “We reflected based on our research, insights and discussions with our retail partners and said ‘What do we need to be doing today?’ And one of the things that’s most powerful for us is the breadth of our portfolio and we haven’t been leveraging [it when] going to consumers.”

So the new site, developed by Tribal DDB, will focus on promoting all of J&J’s beauty, health and wellness products through healthy-living tips, coupons and promotions, such as an upcoming chance to win one of four dream vacations, and eventually, more personalized content and offers. The website is mobile and tablet friendly, Kohut says, making it easy for people to look up more information and offers in the aisles.

“Our goal is to develop a very strong relationship with consumers, to meet their needs in unique and different ways, and to surprise and delight them,” says Kohut.

The new platform, just in time for the holiday season, will be heavily promoted in each of the brand’s distributors for retailer-specific in-store campaigns by Shopper DDB, all driving back to the site.

First up, London Drugs rolled out its signage last week across the chain with clear messaging around powerbrands, such as Aveeno and Listerine. The focus for the retailer was on language highlighting the value at the point of sale, then driving people back to for further offers, says Tom Lachmansingh, group brand director, J&J.

This will be adapted for different retailers, based on their specific shopper-bases, as it continues to roll out to different chains over the next few months, says Nadine Morris, senior shopper marketing manager, J&J. The portal will be promoted throughout the year on a rolling basis across different seasonal powerbrands (such as cold and flu in the winter or sunscreen in the summer).

Though details are still being hammered out, a mass media buy by J3 will commence in 2013 with TV, radio and digital.

“This is phase one,” says Kahut. “It’s really going to evolve as we go along.”