Vancouver Police Foundation sells its shades

The organization is raising money by letting civilians purchase the police force?s legendary eyewear.

The Vancouver Police Foundation is raising money and awareness by launching a program that puts the iconic mirrored aviator sunglasses its members wear into the hands of civilians.

With creative from DDB Canada and media from OMD, the Foundation’s first-ever media campaign was launched following members of the creative team at the agency going for ride-alongs with members of the force and seeing the kind of work they put in on a daily basis, says Lance Saunders, EVP and managing director, DDB Canada/Vancouver.

“We wanted to create something like the Livestrong bracelet that acts like an icon for the foundation,” he said. “So then we said, what can we do that would be fun and iconic? That’s when we hit on the idea of the eyeglasses harkening back to all of our favourite police procedural movies or TV shows. It also helps that aviator shades are one of the hottest fashion accessories this season for women and men.”

Canadians can buy the glasses for $20, and promotions for the shades will run with ads on Global TV, pre-roll spots on news sites and TSN in Vancouver and transit ads in more than 30 locations in the city.

In addition, once people have bought the glasses they can Instagram themselves wearing them with the hashtag #VPDpartners for the chance to win a ride-along with a member of the Vancouver Police.