Cossette hires Glen Hunt and Dave Lafond

The agency has appointed the former ECD of DentsuBos as its new chief transformational officer, as well as named the former president of Proximity Canada as president of its English Canada operations.
Glen Hunt & Dave Lafond (1)

There’s been a major restructuring of Cossette’s leadership team, announced this morning.

Glen Hunt, who was previously at DentsuBos as its ECD before taking a three-year hiatus from the advertising world, has joined the creative shop as its chief transformational officer. This is a new role for Cossette and will see Hunt “inspiring creativity, innovation and transformation” within the organization, according to a press statement.

Also starting today, Dave Lafond (former president of Proximity Canada) has been named the agency’s  new president, overseeing its offices in English Canada markets, including Toronto, Vancouver and Halifax.

Both Lafond and Hunt will be based in Toronto, with the former exec working alongside Melanie Dunn, the president of Cossette Quebec (who was appointed to the role five months ago). Hunt will work closely with Brett Marchand, CEO at Cossette to help guide and transform the agency to become a creative force, he says.

The new chief transformational officer has wanted to partner with Marchand for the past 12 years, and has always been attracted to his ability to understand business from a client’s perspective, adding that his creative strengths complement Marchand’s “left brain” approach to marketing.

Hunt notes that his break from working in the industry, during which he helped launch a company called iWatchz and read numerous books on business and creative problem solving, allowed him to rejuvenate and look at the future of the agency structure.

When Marchand first met with Lafond in February of this year, he didn’t go into the meeting with a mandate to find a new president. “[But] we were starting to talk about how [the agency was] going to improve digitally,” he says. Lafond has spent the past six years of his career focusing on the digital and CRM realm at Proximity. “We made the actual decision [to bring him on board] when we realized that he was up for much more than digital.”

This isn’t the first big news to come from Cossette this month. Last week, the agency’s holding company, Vision7, announced the launch of Aperture1 – a strategic consultancy that focuses on customer influence and will service Cossette and its sister agencies Dare, Elvis, Jungle Media and Citizen Optimum. Lafond has taken over many of the similar responsibilities Andrew Bergstrom held when the former EVP and managing director of Cossette in Toronto moved over to lead Aperture1.

Image: Glen Hunt (left) and Dave Lafond