Shopper Innovation Awards: Chevrolet cars get the Bond test

The automotive co taps a Quebec personality to perform stunts with the car, earning a Silver in this year's awards.

Silver: Integration

Chevrolet was looking for a way to reach a younger target audience. With creative from Cossette, the car co partnered with Philippe Bond (Quebecois stand-up comic and host of the morning show C’t’encore drôle on Montreal’s NRJ radio station), to integrate its cars into radio spots and video content for young listeners to share on social media.

The video footage showed the radio host conducting a “Bond d’essai” (or “Bond test”) with Chevrolet cars and was packaged in a series of 13 different segments that aired on TV and online during a 17-week period.

A microsite hosted the videos and each week a live-recorded three-minute audio segment aired on NRJ. The same day, a video version was released online and a 90-second radio spot recapped the action on NRJ during the week.

The brand created a segment where listeners were invited to text the word “Sonic” to the radio station. As each text came in, the Chevrolet Sonic, with Bond sitting inside, was slowly lifted 120 feet in the air using a crane.

A contest also invited people to submit a stunt idea for Bond to perform with the new Chevrolet Spark, and suggestions were featured on the site. The winner was then invited to be featured in the video segment with the radio host.

Promotion of the videos and contest was done through big box video ads, pre-roll and landing page takeovers. There were also OOH ads on street posts, digital superboards and digital video screens in restaurants and bars and Chevrolet dealers were provided with digital point-of-purchase signage and life-size cardboard cut-outs of Bond in his “Bond d’essai” stunt suit to use in their showrooms.

The online campaign garnered 83 million digital impressions and over 1.5 million video views. The brand’s Facebook page received 9,100 likes, 1,654 comments and 2,270 video shares. And during the Chevrolet Sonic stunt, over 10,000 text messages were sent by listeners in only 45 minutes.


Advertiser: Chevrolet
Agency: Cossette