Products with smart potential

Texting toilet paper, anyone? Here are some every day items that should tap the internet of things trend.

With recent news that Philips is developing a lightbulb that can communicate with your smartphone, strategy staff began to ponder what other “internet of things” opportunities there were for brands to jump on. We’re giving these ideas away for free (though we expect a cut of the profits if developed).

Texting toilet paper rolls

Has this ever happened to you? You write a note to yourself to pick up more TP, but promptly forget on your way home from the office after a busy day? Charmin or Royale could develop a roll that texts you when it’s running on empty. Please sir, buy some more.

Handy hangers

You know those clothes in the back of your closet? The ones that never, ever seem to get worn? Why not have hangers that alert your phone (with smart aleck remarks, perhaps) when your garments gather too much dust. Sponsored by a clothing line, like H&M or Joe Fresh, the app would remind you it’s time to update your look and that moth holes are never in season.

Scents appeal

Could someone develop a sensor that detects smell? Because that’d be the perfect companion for a brand like Febreze, well known for its scent-trickery campaigns, like the one above. Simply place the sensor in a potentially stinky area (shoe closet, teenage son’s bedroom) and it’ll send out a message whenever the stench is too much to bear. Whip out the Febreze, it’ll say, and spray away.

Toilet paper image courtesy of Shutterstock