Cannes launches an innovation day

The creativity festival is kicking off its inaugural future-focused day with a chance to win a trip to space.

What’s more future focused than space travel?

The Cannes Lions Festival of International Creativity is kicking off a new day dedicated to innovation with a chance to win a trip to space. Yes. You read that right – a trip to space.

Following the festival’s inaugural Innovation Lion, launched in 2013, Cannes is kicking off a one-day session chock-full of forefront-thinking technology and creative to wrap up the week.

Sessions on June 21 will include talks from TED speaker Neil Harbisson, a self-proclaimed cyborg with a chip embedded into his skull that allows him to “hear” colours invisible to the naked eye (such as infrared or ultraviolet) by picking up visual frequencies and translating them into sound.

Other speakers include MDC founder Miles Nadal, Deutsch’s chief digital officer Winston Binch, Intel’s Kevin Sellers, VP creative services, and Genevieve Bell, director of user experience, and more.

“This industry needs to continually drive forward to stay at the top of their game,” said Philip Thomas, CEO of Cannes Lions, in a release. “By providing innovation and technology-focused content, delegates can leave the festival better equipped and burning with inventive ideas.”

During the full-day innovation-themed sessions, video ad platform Virool will roll out a chance to win a trip on the Virgin Galactic rocket, set to take flight in 2015. Details about the competition at this point are scarce, but seats on the flight retail for $250,000 US. Similar initiatives have become popular with contest giveaways, with brands like Axe and KLM partnering with private spaceships to offer these trips.

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