Amex adds entertainment to Cloud 10

The brand adds free eBook and music downloads to its Cloud 10 platform at Toronto's Pearson airport.

American Express Canada is expanding its award-winning Cloud 10 marketing campaign by adding a new feature for bored travellers in Toronto’s major airport.

Entertainment on Cloud 10 will allow users, including non-Amex users, the ability to download free eBooks and music while in Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. The service is a partnership with HarperCollins Canada and Sony Music Canada and the media catalogue will be updated monthly.

Cloud 10 is an ongoing partnership with the Greater Toronto Airport Authority, which operates Pearson airport. The service provides free Wi-Fi to travellers in the airport, along with more luxurious benefits for cardholders. The program recently took home two Gold awards at the CASSIES.

Amex will promote the campaign throughout its in-airport media, including a video installation. It will also use existing assets messaging, including check-in screens, banners and a glass walkway in the airport. The brand will also use paid social media promotion through Facebook and Twitter.

In a survey of 675 Canadians using the airport, conducted last month, Amex found that 82% were looking for ways to pass the time while at the airport and 89% were looking for ways to make that time more enjoyable. Overall, 82% said they would take advantage of free eBook and music downloads if they had access.

Entertainment has always been an element in the works for the Cloud 10 campaign, but technology and content made it slower to come than other parts of the program, says David Barnes, VP of advertising communications for the brand.

Like other elements of the campaign, Entertainment on Cloud 10 is meant to be a sampler of what it’s like to be an Amex cardholder, he says. Key draws for consumers include that the content on the platform is very current (including new book titles and music) and that the complimentary downloads are the consumer’s to keep. “We’re buying it for you,” Barnes says.