Weight Watchers bets on women

A new video campaign for the brand aims to show how great losing 10 pounds feels.

Weight Watchers Canada bets that losing 10 pounds will make you feel so good, you’ll operate in slow motion.

With a new TV spot, online videos and a digital campaign, created by FCB Montreal, the weight loss brand is promoting its new #BetYou10lbs initiative, where those who join the program can save two months of costs if they reach at least a 10-pound loss within that time. The campaign is also encouraging women to have friends and family join the challenge with them, stemming from the insight that losing weight is more successful when you have support, a major component of Weight Watchers’ overall program, Patrick Cadieux, marketing director at the brand, said in an email.

Aimed generally at women who want to lose at least 10 pounds, with a bull’s eye of those between 40 and 42, the lighthearted videos feature women feeling so confident after dropping weight that they’re living everyday life in slow motion, poking a bit of fun at typical weight loss and beauty ads. The end of the spots feature the women challenging other (confused) onlookers to join the program and lose their own 10 pounds.

The slow motion idea came from that feeling women get on certain days when they just feel great, whether from losing 10 pounds, or even getting a great haircut, says Claudia Milord, account director at FCB Montreal. It’s also meant to feel attainable and fun as a goal, and something that women can participate in with their friends and family, she says.

Weight Watchers has typically done TV work only, focused more on the branding overall, rather than a particular offer, Milord notes. The idea about sharing the challenge with friends is what lent itself well to having a more digital focus with this campaign, she says.

The national campaign, in English and French, will run on TV in 30-second and 15-second versions for seven weeks, with the “Lipstick” and “Hair” spots, created exclusively for online use, running as YouTube pre-roll driving traffic to the BetYou10Lbs.ca microsite. MediaCom handled the TV buy, with Neo&Ogilvy taking on the pre-roll placements. Along with display ads, the brand has also launched a comprehensive PR campaign, led by Weber Shandwick, working with registered dietitians as spokespeople to talk about the health benefits that losing 10 pounds can have, and is also planning a Twitter chat for later in the campaign.