Nike gets Toronto women moving

The brand's cheeky new OOH campaign has Toronto-specific messaging geared toward the city's women.

Nike has launched a localized OOH campaign encouraging Toronto’s women to get training this spring.

The four week billboard campaign is designed to drive awareness for Nike’s global #betterforit initiative, with six unique boards positioned strategically throughout the city to target an 18- to 24 year-old female Torontonian demographic. The locations were chosen based on where the target female audience runs, trains and lives.

The boards, which each feature the #betterforit hashtag, target members of Nike’s female running groups, among others. Between 5 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. each morning, one billboard reads “It’s never too early to start,” and is meant to be seen by women out on their early morning jog. After 8:30 a.m. the sign changes to read “It’s never too late to start,” in order to communicate with a more general audience.

“[The #betterforit campaign] is our largest and most integrated women’s initiative to date,” says Claire Rankine, communications director, Nike Canada. “Our women’s business is outpacing men’s and tracking to $7 billion globally by fiscal year 2017.”


The boards aim to communicate with the target demographic in a humorous, authentic and slightly cheeky way, says Chris Hirsch, partner and creative director at creative agency LG2. The Toronto-based company partnered with Nike on the project, handling the creative side of the OOH executions.

“OOH was a natural choice when trying to bring the #betterforit campaign to life for the Toronto market,” he says.

As well as having a sense of humour, the billboard messages are city-specific too, with nods to circumstances unique to Torontonians. One message says “Train like a streetcar, stop for no one,” while another reads “When your city’s raccoons are as big as dogs, you don’t jog. You run,” a reference to recent news in the city.

Toronto’s Jungle Media handled media buying for the campaign and the last of the six boards – a “moving” execution, depicting a female doing pull ups (video below) – was installed yesterday in Toronto’s downtown.

From Media in Canada