Doritos takes gamification to a new dimension

Users can take a deep dive into the brand's 3D chips with a new mobile game.

The newly introduced limited-edition Doritos Jacked 3-D Bacon Cheddar Ranch chips have a mobile-only execution on both sides of the border.

In the U.S., the company has launched a 3D mobile campaign that allows consumers of the new snack to scan each chip for an original 3D-style video experience.

In Canada, the brand has launched the Doritos 3D Dimension, a mobile-only game in which players use two fingers to zoom into the chip’s “interiors,” taking them on a trip to lala land with the graphics changing the deeper they venture into the chip’s inner-core.

To play, users have to continue zooming in for as long as possible to either win an instant prize (such as 3D movie passes, 3D glasses or the 3D chips themselves) or enter into a high-score competition to walk away with a 3D printer and a year’s supply of 3D Evolution chips. BBDO handled creative, with OMD on the media buy.

The execution was part of the brand’s strategy to target its core, 16- to 25-year-old male consumer on their device of choice,  according to Susan Irving, senior director, core brands at PepsiCo Foods Canada. The desktop version of the site gives users a gentle slap on the wrist with this statement: “Smartphones Only! Seriously? Are you still using your library’s internet-enabled desktop computer? Use your smartphone to enter the Doritos 3D Dimension game!”

That demographic are always-on, digital natives that are highly plugged-in to pop culture, according to Irving. They are also inundated with advertising, so breaking through in a cool way was important and gamification allowed for that. The company based its campaign on research that its core consumer group is hyper-active on mobile and mobile games.

Doritos has been adopting a games strategy for its target for some time now. In February the company invited consumers to hold a finger down on a digital Doritos bag on their mobile screen as part of the limited-time return of its Ketchup-flavoured chips exclusive to the Canadian market; the user who kept their finger pressed onto the chips bag the longest won a year’s supply of Doritos chips. Last year the company actually made its chip into a game with its launch of the Doritos Roulette chip.

 From Media in Canada