Best Buy creates some fun

With "#BestDay" the retailer shows how consumer tech can help make unique memories.
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Best Buy is showing Canadians that its tech can turn good moments into amazing memories with the “#BestDay” campaign.

The spot leading the campaign, created by Union, shows three friends meeting with Best Buy’s tech experts to plan a special bachelor party for a groom-to-be. What they come up with is a golf outing featuring a cart decked out with TVs, videogames, a DJ and an oven to make snacks in, plus a drone camera to capture the experience.

The spot ran in cinemas through October, with a 30-second version airing on TV and 15-second version used as pre-roll. Best Buy also used lobby boards in cinemas and print ads in magazines featuring the golf cart concept. Digital display ads also applied the concept to its key value propositions like it lowest price guarantee, knowledgeable staff and shipping and pick-up options with headlines like “#BestPrice,” “#BestService” and “#BestShipping.”

Best Buy also ran a contest in October dubbed “#BestMemories,” encouraging consumers to share photos and videos of moments made more memorable through the use of technology.

Veritas handled PR and Media Experts handled media for the campaign.

James Pelletier, director of marketing at Best Buy, says “#BestDay” is a continuation of a series of videos it ran in the summer showing how tech can make summer more fun. The goal with its recent campaigns is to not just show the capabilities of the products it sells, but how they contribute to fun, exciting moments.

Pelletier says, as consumer tech has become more popular, Best Buy is looking to reach a mass target. The store is “kind of ubiquitous,” which means drawing consumers in is about extending its message beyond the occasions it had previously focused on.

“In the past, we’ve done campaigns focused on things like back to school and holidays, and we are still doing that,” he says. “But this is an effort to extend our message and really talk about the fun and excitement that comes with the category throughout the year.”

Between its past marketing and the presence of Geek Squad experts in store, Pelletier says Best Buy has established its status as a source of tech expertise, and its most recent campaigns have been about showing what that expertise can do to enhance consumers’ lives.

“Trust is an important metric for us to keep track of, so we know Best Buy is very trusted by consumers,” he says. “When it comes to expertise and knowledge around the products, we’ve done a good job of building and communicating that. This was an opportunity to take that and add an element of more obvious and visible fun and excitement.”