Nespresso brings the finer things to Canada

How the brand is putting a Canadian spin on its new George Clooney partnership.

Single-serve coffee maker brand Nespresso is bringing a high-profile brand ambassador to North America for a new campaign.

In a new spot, George Clooney takes Danny DeVito under his wing, showing him how to appreciate the finer things in life to become the kind of person who drinks Nespresso. The spot ends with a reminder that, despite the quality of coffee, anyone can enjoy it.

McCann New York created the ads for the campaign that will be running in 30- and 60-second formats in Canada and the U.S., with Marketel handling French adaptation for Quebec. There is also a series of behind-the-scenes videos, some of which will be seen for the first time in Canadian market.

Clooney has been a brand ambassador for Nespresso in Europe since 2006, and the company has now brought him on to do the same in the U.S. and Canadian markets. Laurence Corthay, Nespresso’s head of marketing and e-business, says the “Training Day” spot is significantly different from its European campaigns featuring Clooney. The company’s goals are different here, where it recently launched a new brewing system that brews more than just espresso and is catered to North American coffee-drinking habits, versus in Europe, where it has a higher brand awareness.

“In Europe, we don’t need to concentrate on the brand as much, because we’re established and people know what we stand for,” she says. “Here, after we’ve just launched a new product that goes beyond espresso, we wanted to have a dedicated campaign explaining what we offer in our product line with a bit of humour. We want to show that anyone can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee, no matter who they are and how they like to drink it.”

The campaign also features a series of interviews with Clooney on a number of topics, including sustainability. Clooney is a member of Nespresso’s sustainability advisory board, which ensures it improves the lives of the farmers who produce its coffee and uses recyclable products in its coffee pods. Corthay says that involvement makes him an even better ambassador for the brand.

“He represents a lot of what we stand for as a brand, with a sense of humour and appreciation for the finer things. He’s also very engaged with sustainability, and he will also be working with us on these initiatives here in a more public way.”