Check it out: President’s Choice’s ‘fakery’

A new stunt from the brand aims to show that gluten-free doesn't mean taste-free.

Despite the trend becoming widespread and well-known, there’s still a contingent out there that thinks gluten-free will just mean tasteless.

Loblaw’s President’s Choice brand is hoping to tackle that notion with a new stunt, caught on video for all to see.

The brand set up a traditional bakery in Montreal, providing samples of all kinds of tasty-looking breads and pastries. Of course, what the passersby were surprised to learn was that the bakery was actually a “Fake Shop” and all of the products were actually from President’s Choice’s gluten-free product line.

Sorry, doubters. Looks like gluten-free is here to stay.

President’s Choice worked with John St. on the campaign, which is being supported on social media. The gluten-free program is also being supported in-store and in select print vehicles, according to Loblaw.