2017 Strategy Awards: SAQ inspires personalization

A multichannel approach was developed to highlight the benefits of the SAQ loyalty program.

SAQ Inspire Image 1

Silver: Research Mastery

La Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) launched a loyalty program in 2015 called SAQ Inspire, which aimed to offer a more personalized and engaging experience tailored to individual tastes and habits.

The Inspire system gathers data with each transaction to build unique profiles that allow SAQ to enrich the customer’s interaction with the brand.

So Cossette developed a multichannel approach to show SAQ Inspire cardholders the program’s benefits.

The team showed members how to interact with the program through email, website, a mobile app and in-store. They created targeted promotions and recommendations, with exclusive product offers; invitations to events and contests related to the member’s interests; and online access to their purchase history and profile.

In store, members can share their purchase history and profile for more personalized recommendations and promotions tailored to their tastes. There was also a printed section in the SAQ flyer and Cellier magazine. Interactive web banners invited participants to answer questionnaires to learn more about their tastes. SAQ’s site also housed a video of the program’s benefits.

SAQ Inspire now has 1.9 million members. About 66% of sales are identified through the program, meaning members actively collect points, up to 9% of which are redeemed during the winter holiday shopping period.

The participation rate for exclusive offers averaged at 4.4% from active members in the last six months. Customized offers boosted engagement from 56.5% to 59.1% among members.

Brand | La Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ)
Agency | Cossette
CSO | Florence Girod
Strategic director | Sophie-Annick Vallée