Air Transat poses aviation trivia to its ‘future experts’

The leisure airline's latest content series shares travel tips to reach families planning their next vacation.

Montreal-based Air Transat has already worked to establish itself as a family-friendly airline whose employees are always on hand to offer travel tips and advice. Now, the leisure airline is using mini-globetrotters to showcase that expertise in a new content series.

The “Future Experts” series, created by Sid Lee and released earlier this month, includes three 45-second videos featuring the children of Transat employees who attempt to answer a series of aviation-related questions posed by Raymond, a certified aircraft mechanic technician, in the backdrop of an airport hangar.

How fast can an airplane fly? How many passengers can travel on a Transat airplane? How much does an airplane cost? The videos capture the children’s reactions as they attempt to answer these questions, allowing potential customers to learn about the company and the airline industry in a fun and approachable way that is also undeniably “cute,” says Geneviève LeBrun, VP of marketing at Transat.

The campaign is playing out on Facebook and Instagram, as the company targets families with young children who have an interest in travel, with a special focus on the Ontario and Quebec markets, says LeBrun. She says video is the “ideal format” for telling Transat’s story and increasing consideration for the brand.

Moreover, she says many people already engage with the topic of aviation on social media, making it an effective platform on which to promote the company’s positioning as a specialist in family travel. For example, Transat’s Kids Club offers members pre-boarding options, stroller gate delivery services and “on-board surprises that make air travel fun,” among other benefits.

“Future Experts” builds off the airline’s previous “Vacation Experts” series, in which Transat employees shared their advice and favourite things about certain destinations. That campaign gathered over 10 million views and drove increased interest from “fans and prospects,” says LeBrun. “For us, ‘Future Experts’ builds on that success and is for us a way to connect with families looking to travel.”

The brand is currently developing another “Vacation Experts” series focused on families and tips and tricks for a successful vacation. Earlier this year, it launched the latest phase of its “Vacation is Calling” platform, dating back to 2016, bringing increased focus to its European destination flights while again emphasize the expertise of Transat employees.