Boston Pizza delivers a caroling pizza box

The latest pizza-related stunt aims to promote delivery during the holidays to stand out from the casual dining competition.


As a favorite go-to snack, pizza speaks to a lot of people. Now, it also sings – or, at least, the box does.

Boston Pizza created a caroling pizza box that plays the brand’s take on “Carol of the Bells” when it’s opened. In addition to being sent to a handful of customers, the boxes have been given to franchisees for display and activations, and the song has also been made available on Spotify.

Ostensibly, Boston Pizza is using the musical pizza box to promote a Christmas pizza, a full turkey dinner atop a pie, complete with cranberry and gravy. Niels van Oyen, senior marketing manager at Boston Pizza, says that since many of its pizza recipes are unexpected and creative, the brand wanted creative assets to match.

But Van Oyen also says the caroling box is a continuing expression of the brand’s “unique point of view,” especially when it comes to pizza, which has included altering the plastic pizza savers that prevent food spillage and turning them into patio furniture and creating a box that folds out into a table for eating in bed.

Van Oyen tells strategy that the goal of the campaign is to reinforce that the restaurant’s pizzas are available for take-out and delivery, something that helps differentiate the casual dining chain from many of its competitors.

“We are seeing take-out and delivery become increasingly relevant,” he says, adding that customers are looking to this option more than dining on-premise.

The brand is continuing to target younger families who are interested in pizza innovation and unique recipes, as it pivots away from its sports bar focus to a place where “food and life is shared,” a stance that’s been emphasized since Peter Blackwell took over marketing. Boston Pizza is positioning itself a brand that facilitates gatherings, and he says that pizza is the ultimate shareable food. People also tend to spend more and indulge over the holidays, and the brand wants to win as many occasions as possible.

This campaign, again led by agency partner John St., is a surprise and delight tactic for social sharing. Van Oyen says it’s shown strong sales in the first week of the promotion.

“People have come to expect this kind of thing from our brand,” he says, and attention-grabbing stunts like this have resonated with consumers in the past.

When it comes to holiday activations, Boston Pizza has previously focused on heartier group meals, gift card promotions and group bookings – which is typical of the casual dining category – but Van Oyen said a focus on a signature menu item primed for delivery was another way for it to stand out during this time of year.