Labatt acquires maker of Nutrl

The brewer extends its RTD portfolio with one of the early players in the growing category.
Beverage alcohol

Labatt Breweries of Canada has acquired B.C.-based Goodridge & Williams Distillery, including its Nutrl brand, expanding its ready-to-drink portfolio.

A Labatt Breweries of Canada spokesperson confirmed with strategy on Tuesday that they’ve acquired the Nutrl beverage brand “in its entirety,” including Nutrl Vodka and Nutrl Vodka Soda.

Launched by G&W in 2017, Nutrl was one of the early brands to acknowledge and respond to consumers’ changing lifestyles with a variety of low-calorie beverages, without preservatives and added sugar. A company release notes Nutrl Vodka Soda currently accounts for approximately half of the vodka soda segment, “which has seen triple digit growth over the past three years.”

The ready-to-drink market, in its entirety, has expanded by double digits in recent years.

The acquisition also includes other G&W spirits and ready-to-drink brands, such as Bitterhouse Aperitiffs, Tempo Craft Gin, Goodridge & Williams Canadian Whisky, Highball Canadian Whisky Soda Beverage and Sid The Handcrafted Vodka.

The terms of the acquisition, which has closed, were not disclosed, the release noted.