Kraft Peanut Butter brings smooth and crunchy together in a single jar

The brand has an idea to end a household rivalry and deliver on its "Stick Together" positioning.

Kraft Peanut Butter has based its brand around helping people “stick together,” and this weekend it is testing the waters to see if a redesigned jar could help smooth out an ongoing rivalry in the peanut butter category.

Conceived by agency partner Rethink, the “Stick Together Jar” prototype is half smooth peanut butter and half crunchy, with lids on either end, saving households from choosing between buying one or the other.

As a video introducing the jar shows, people can be highly devoted to their preferred style of peanut butter – to the point that a preference for one or the other could potentially threaten otherwise happy relationships, if social media posts about the subject are to be believed. “Imagine having a crush on someone only to find out they like smooth peanut butter,” one tweet reads, while another user claims to have yet to forgive their boyfriend for buying crunchy.

The jar is currently in the “ideation phase,” with the online video and social media content meant to generate feedback and gauge interest for a full release. The brand is also hoping to capitalize on National Peanut Butter Lovers Day, taking place on March 1.

Daniel Gotlib, senior brand manager for Kraft Peanut Butter at Kraft Heinz Canada, says the brand’s positioning has long been based around “bringing people together,” and having such a stark divide between fans of different peanut butter varieties was an issue it could help solve. Other work in its “Stick Together” approach has included creating wirelessly connected teddy bears, stunts that allow people to transmit a hug across the country and CSR efforts that encouraged people to share online hugs to raise money for food allergy research at SickKids.