How Avocados from Mexico evolved its versatility message

The category leader is driving consumption by inspiring shoppers with more occasions.


January through March is avocado season, and Avocados from Mexico has been evolving its “Anytime is Avotime” brand messaging, first introduced in 2019, to show just how many ways there are to use the fruit.

Miguel Barcenas is strategy and marketing consultant for APEAM, the Association of Producers and Packers Exporters of Avocado of Mexico. He tells strategy that with the latest chapter of “Anytime is Avotime,” the Avocados from Mexico brand wanted to communicate that avocados are extremely versatile and packed with nutritional benefits, but in a way that was more light-hearted and that helped foster consumers’ connection to the brand.

In shopper displays, that means associating the green fruit with panini (an obvious, natural fit), but also less straightforward pairings like macaroni and brownies, and integrating an avocado graphic into the lettering.

Previous bin displays featured graphical representations of things like poke bowls, alongside less straightforward verbiage.

“We created new bins with the new visuals including the consumption ideas, so consumers can get inspired as soon as they see the product,” Barcenas says. “We want them to know that their avocados can do so much more than the traditional guac – it can easily be integrated into almost any recipe.”

The new visuals already started rolling out in-store as well as through digital partnerships with major retail partners in their newsletters, banners and flyers. These also include more prominent brand font to highlight product origin.


“If the pandemic didn’t affect the timing of this particular campaign, it certainly made us rethink our entire shopper marketing strategy,” Barcenas says, and as a result, it implemented e-commerce programs with meal kit Goodfood and Uber-owned delivery service Cornershop, as well as online promotional efforts with major retailers.

According to Barcenas, one of its main target demos is 24-54 year olds who already consume the fruit, but whose consumption could increase with more occassions.

Broader campaign elements have included TV spots highlighting the nutritional benefits and the versatility of Mexican avocados. The campaign strategy was developed by Sopexa Canada, spots were created by Lg2 and produced by COLLAB Studio. Media planning was done by Touché!