Google Canada hires Laura Pearce as head of marketing

Making the jump from Twitter, Pearce will lead both consumer-facing and B2B teams for the tech giant.

Google has hired Twitter’s Laura Pearce as its new head of marketing in Canada.

Pearce’s (pictured left) remit covers all of the tech company’s marketing efforts, including managing B2B marketing teams across agency, customer and acquisition touchpoints, as well as leading consumer marketing teams spanning products and platforms including Android, hardware, search, YouTube and retail.

She takes over Google Canada’s marketing from Fab Dolan, who first took on the role in 2015 and moved into a global marketing director role for Android in March.

Pearce is coming off of five years at Twitter Canada, where she started as head of consumer marketing, and most recently as head of marketing for the platform for the past two years. Prior to that, she was VP of marketing at Blue Ant, and director of marketing at AOL.

Overall, Google says Pearce’s mandate will include supporting the organization’s economic recovery efforts here in Canada, with particular focus on supporting small businesses and access to digital skills training.

For Twitter Canada’s part, following news regarding Pearce’s departure, the platform reports that it will be sharing more about the future of the role in the coming weeks.