Coors Seltzer is helping older millennials keep things ‘wild’

The brand sees people aged 30 to 35 as a mostly-untapped audience, but one its data shows has been loyal to the beverage it's selling.

Coors Seltzer is courting a new audience with its latest campaign, setting its focus on millennials who are moving into a new phase in their lives and trying to show how it can help them celebrate a new kind of “wild.”

The campaign, “For Your Wildest Times,” launched today on TV, digital and social, is aimed at the 30 to 35-year-old demographic, which, according to Michelle Sowinski, senior marketing manager for seltzers and flavour at Molson Coors, is “clearly loving Coors Seltzer,” according to the company’s purchase and loyalty data.

“There are many seltzer brands on the market, and it’s pretty clear most attention is targeted to the Gen Z audience – the generation most often pegged for loving to try new things. But that means the millennial group wasn’t being engaged with as much as they should have been – and they, too, like to try new things,” she says. “This is such a large, untapped (for seltzers) and engaged audience and as a brand, we know we can offer what they’re looking for.”

Consisting of two spots, “For Your Wildest Times” pokes fun at the “wild” milestones millennials are experiencing when they enter their early- to mid-30s: maintaining their yards and securing a mortgage. The spots mark a fairly significant departure for the hard seltzer from its first marketing campaign, which focused on the brand’s social responsibility-focused brand proposition.

But “our commitment to helping restore Canada’s waters isn’t going anywhere,” Sowinski notes. “In fact, earlier this year, we announced we would be doubling our water restoration impact to over 4 billion litres in 2022 through our partnership with Change the Course.”

“It remains part of our brand DNA, which is inherently tied to refreshment, and we, along with Canadian consumers, believe it important for brands to give back,” she adds. “Our new campaign, allows us to more emotionally connect with our target audience with a communication platform that sees, understands and shares a cheers with them.”

The creative was developed by Mischief, while Wavemaker handled the media buy, which will run into the fall. However, “we intend to have the wild times come back and keep rolling,” says Sowinski.