Harry Rosen collaborates with its wearers for new private label

Harold is being positioned around personalization and getting customers exactly what they need.

Harry Rosen’s campaign is all about you.

The menswear retailer has launched a new private label, Harold, comprised of everything from made-to-measure suits, casual and business apparel and ready-to-wear pieces. And it’s positioning the new brand as a high-fashion collaboration between Harry Rosen’s designers and the people who actually wear the clothes. Trinh Tham, Harry Rosen’s EVP and CMO, says focusing on the customer instead of the en vogue celebrity collaboration lets it tap into a buzzy concept while also extending a key element of the retailer’s identity into its new brand.

“We were just looking at what other brands were doing in these fashion spaces, and collaborations have been a really big trend,” Tham says. “And it dawned on us, we have been doing this for seven decades, collaborating with our customers when it comes to custom clothing.”

Tham says the campaign introducing Harold, conceived by agency partner Zulu Alpha Kilo, is meant to express the customization and uniqueness Harold is able to back up through its offering. Customers can choose everything from the number of buttons on the clothes, to the photographs they want to use on the personalized lining of their jackets by uploading a JPEG image, taking personal style beyond traditional tailoring.

The launch of Harold has been driven and influenced by Harry’s changing and evolving customer needs. The “casualization” of wardrobes for work, Tham says, happened pre-pandemic, but has accelerated with lockdowns. Tapping into more high-end casual wear is something Harry Rosen has been pursuing since 2020 with its “Set The Tone” campaign, but Tham says it has also seen a large uptick in people wanting a “mix” in their wardrobes. She says Harold can bridge all needs, connected by the common threads of personalization and dressing in a way that makes its customers feel their best.

The campaign includes TV, social and online video, digital advertising and OOH. Harry Rosen will also be outfitting Juno Awards host and Marvel star Simu Liu in Harold wear along with launching a music-inspired version of its TV campaign during this weekend’s broadcast. Media planning and buying was by Horizon Media, supported by Harry Rosen’s marketing team.

Tham tells strategy the campaign represents an incremental spend, and Harry Rosen is investing in growing Harold and making custom-made more accessible to men nationwide.