CAA South Central Ontario shows its support for ‘good’

A new brand platform focuses on positive work its associates do in the world, both personally and professionally.


A lot of brands talk the talk when it comes to social responsibility, but CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) is showing how it walks the walk with a new brand platform.

The platform, developed in partnership with creative agency BIMM, is led by a new tagline – “Driven By Good.” It focuses on the good works done by CAA employees, in both their personal and professional lives, every day. The goal is to “create a sustained and consistent approach for marketing the CAA club brand moving forward,” says Rhonda English, chief marketing officer for the CAA Club Group of Companies.

“[The new campaign] is meant to communicate that as an organization, we aren’t driven by profit – we’re focused on keeping members safe and adding value to their day-to-day lives,” adds English.

But the campaign extends beyond just what CAA is known for, be that roadside assistance, advocacy or insurance. The organization has assembled a collection of more than 250 stories of CAA associates doing good in their daily lives, from an employee who cleared snow from all the vehicles in her apartment parking lot after a heavy snowfall to the associate who used their amateur photography skills and garage to give a neighbour’s ill child and father a photo shoot.

“All of these stories, big and small, show how CAA is made up of associates who are truly driven by doing good in the world,” says English. “This new marketing approach will help CAA members create a deeper, more emotional connection to our brand.”

CAA SCO launched the first campaign under the new platform on May 9, across TV, radio and Spotify, OOH including Metrolinx bus wraps, OLV, social and custom digital, supported across all of the organization’s owned channels, including its websites, owned social, emails and member magazine. The rollout “will build over the next three years and potentially beyond,” notes English, with this wave of the campaign running until December. Media Experts handled media for the campaign.

“CAA has been approaching business in a positive and impactful way since its inception, and while our associates have a strong understanding of our mission, we believe it is important to align our marketing and communications accordingly,” explains English. “As more people seek to do business with companies that have similar morals and values as they do, and that make a positive impact on the world, it is time to tell our story.”

At the national level, CAA recently launched its latest advocacy effort to deter distracted driving. Created by agency 123w, the campaign eschews the typical approach of road safety campaigns – using the dramatic consequences of unsafe driving to grab people’s attention – and instead opts for the more positive route, using a catchy song and vibrant visuals to encourage people to get distractions out of their system before getting behind the wheel.