PC Insiders Report turns up the variety for summer

Loblaw is also giving the magazine a bigger in-store presence and integrating plant-based products into its wider assortment.


President’s Choice PC Insiders Report is back for the summer and coming to life online and in a bigger way in bricks and mortar.

“From more copies of the report itself landing in store, to impactful store signage and a very large sampling program kicking off shortly, we’re focused on bringing this to life with our customers, in our stores,” a Loblaw’s spokesperson said.

The company is boasting more than 100 new products, recipes and entertaining ideas. Plant-based products are also being integrated into the entire PC assortment, so Loblaw consumers can know about all of the options available in, for example, grilling, so they can make the choice that’s right for them as they look through the products. Innovation will continues with its plant based line, which has over 80 products in it already, for one of Canada’s biggest assortments.

Kathlyne Ross, VP of product development and innovation at Loblaw, says it’s “on a mission to bring new innovation” to kitchen tables, from plant-based options for the grill, to the latest restaurant-inspired cocktails.

Some of the top picks are PC pizza oven pizza, maple cedar planked salmon and plant based chickpea and sweet potato burgers and pomegranate lemonade.

Last fall, the grocery banner opted for a multidimensional approach to relaunching the Insiders’ Report when it became a print publication again, supplementing it with in-store signage and holograms, and included as part of a broader campaign on TV, OLV, display, and social.

Prior to that, marketing around the last Summer Insider Report was heavily focused on yuzu, with ads focused heavily on products that incorporated what the company had identified as the next big on-trend flavour.

By contrast, this year’s campaign – once again featuring Loblaw chairman and president Galen Weston – is all about breadth and variety, with the exec rushing to mention as many of the 100-plus products as he can, from cakes to fish to new lemonade flavours.

Media on the campaign was handled by Loblaw Media as lead agency with Dentsu, with Citizen Relations handling PR duties.

First launched in 1983, the PC Insiders Report began as seasonal periodical that highlighted products, trends and recipes ahead of the summer and holiday shopping seasons. 

PC products are available at Loblaw banner stores across Canada, including Loblaws, No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart and Zehrs.