Loto-Quebec stages a casino spectacle

With "We're All Play," the crown corporation is looking to welcome people in person with larger-than-life experiences.

Loto-Québec has launched a new platform that’s all about showing the larger-than-life nature of its casinos – and the rich experiences people can find within them.

Called “We’re All Play,” the campaign was created and developed by agency partner Cossette and is designed to “showcase all of Loto-Québec Casinos entertainment offerings,” and demonstrate how its casinos can be “a lot more than just a place where people go to gamble,” says Jessica Fecteau, art director at the agency.

“In addition to the wide selection of games, those unique entertainment destinations offer first-class restaurants, incredible shows, theaters, bars, nightclubs, dance floors and DJs,” she adds. “It was important to highlight this whole immersive experience so we could better reflect the organization’s true essence.”

The campaign centres on a one-minute spot that tells the story of three different individuals as they escape from their day-to-day lives to one of over-the-top excitement at the Loto-Québec casino. The characters are dressed fashionably and arrive to the casino in larger-than-life style, including skydiving and pulling up in a high-end sports car. What follows are shots of the aforementioned fine dining and entertainment options, interspliced with clips of the games one would expect to find at a casino and other, more fantastical visuals – such as a tiger sitting on a bar.

While Quebec hasn’t seen the same influx of online gambling and sports betting options as some other Canadian jurisdictions, its casinos are in the same recovery mode as other entertainment venues looking to welcome people back in-person.

In order to show what the in-person experience offers, the larger-than-life approach to the visuals was deliberate, Fecteau says.

“For us, ‘We’re All Play’ means that you go all out to have an epic night at the casino,” she explains. “With that in mind, we worked to land on creative that would be grandiose and that would live up to our tagline. It wasn’t an option to stay humble with the art direction.”

The campaign launched early this month and features TV, OOH, online and social content, as well as initiatives at each of Loto-Québec’s casinos. Cossette’s media arm handled the buy.