Greenfield takes a different approach for Canada and the U.S.

The Maple Leaf Foods brand is responding to the different states of the sustainable meat category in each market.


Sustainable protein brand Greenfield is taking a different, though similar, better-for-the-planet approach depending on what side of the border you are on.

Carbon neutrality is a white space for the U.S., while on the Canadian side, the focus is more on animal welfare and being raised without antibiotics, explains DArcy Finley, VP of marketing at parent Maple Leaf Foods.

The latest work for the U.S. is “Have Your Meat and Eat it Too,” a 30-second spot that highlights a “bacon rebate,” spoofing automotive ad convention, but still positioning Greenfield as a carbon neutral brand.

For customers south of the border, Greenfield is offering up an LTO rebate where customers are rewarded with $2 dollars directly deposited into their Venmo accounts when buying Greenfield Natural Meat bacon.

According to Finley, the U.S. creative is a tone that’s more inclusive of both meat and climate lovers, and that it has a more playful and irreverent tone for that market, based on its insights that these resonate better.

No Fixed Address did the creative, a partnership that began late last year.

Greenfield, founded in 2015 is a brand that “transcends borders,” Finley says, focusing on what it calls “conscientious consumers” or “conscientious carnivores.”

The brand, he says, is almost subservient to the better-for-the-planet claims it’s trying to posit, with a mantra all about “making meat right.”

While the brand comes to market different across borders, the core consumer remains the same, Finley explains. They are people who care about where their food comes from, what footprint it has, and how animals are treated.

It’s not a person it’s aiming at per se, and that it resists the urge to market to individuals who have different needs on different days.

Greenfield is listed in 18,000 stores in the U.S., which dwarfs the Canadian footprint. For the Greenfield brand, it is also doing tailored, bespoke shopper marketing programs there.

Unlike Canada, where it can invest coast-to-coast, it’s going after consumers in the south-east, Midwest and parts of the west coast.

“We are a challenger upstart brand in the United States, and have chosen different regions to make an impact,” Finley says.

The campaign is supported through a paid media campaign including OLV, social and digital ads, public relations and influencers, all managed by NFA with Dini Von Mueffling Communications supporting outreach and The Hatchery for shopper marketing. Greenfield buys its own media directly, with partners like Google, etc.

In August, parent Maple Leaf Foods announced it is scaling back on its plant-based investment, but that it sees promise in its meat portfolio, of which Greenfield is a part.