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Better words for a better understanding

Even after 30 years of working in translation, Bleublancrouge’s Anik Pelletier is still learning about the impact words can have.


Remembering Michael Sharp and Caroline Helbig

Friends and former colleagues remember the lives of the couple, both as peers in the industry and friends outside the office.


Have we forgotten the people behind the data?

P&G’s Bethanie Butcher says the current measurement ecosystem is broken, and shares how it can be fixed.

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 4.53.11 PM

Why humour is your best asset to stand out from a ‘sea of seriousness’

Juniper Park\TBWA’s Jenny Glover explains why you don’t necessarily need knee-slappers to break up tonal conventions.

3D hologram 18 yr bottle

Trend to watch: The rise (and return) of holograms

Digital boards sporting holographic images are making a comeback, but do they go beyond PR tools?

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Why Chevy stood out among the Super Bowl’s EV ads

After seeing The Sopranos tribute, Camden’s John Dutton believes tapping into culture without using an A-lister hit a perfect balance.


The NoLo (craft) beer wars heat up

Drinkers no longer have to sacrifice taste for health, with new no- or low-alcohol beverages that are actually palatable.


Opinion: What not to do? Tell consumers what to do

John Dutton shares a pyschological phenomenon called “reactance” that can often plague marketers.