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Before After_Arctic_Gardens

Arctic Gardens gets a localized brand overhaul

The makeover emphasizes the source of its frozen vegetables and differentiates it from competitors.


IKEA provides more incentive for Green Friday

The retailer is using discounts and store credit to get more consideration for its pre-loved furniture marketplace.


How CF Montreal took a new approach to its logo

The branding is an attempt to return to the club’s roots after its previous rebrand was rejected by fans.


Pigeon formalizes its role with IKEA Canada

The agency, best known for its design work, has been made the retailer’s activation agency after seven years of collaborations.

CF Montreal-main

CF Montreal rallies fans for its playoff run

A new campaign aims to carry the buzz around the team through what it hopes will eventually be a spot in the finals.


A Quebec produce brand gets a makeover

Taste of the North is being made to look more punchy and youthful.


The Canadian Health Food Association gets a design pop

The trade group’s new look aims to create a “sense of wonder and curiosity.”


Pigeon snaps up a design award for SSense tea

The shop was the only Canadian winner in the NielsenIQ’s CPG-focused BASE Design Impact Awards.

Zeb Barrett-Pigeon

Pigeon hires Zeb Barrett as VP of strategy in Toronto

The agency, best known for its design and packaging work, says the hire is in response to significant client wins.


Danone’s Silk brand thinks it knows what’s “Next” in milk

A new line formulated to taste more like dairy is meant to break entrenched habits and draw in traditional milk buyers.


CF Montreal gets its season going

The former Montreal Impact is looking to reignite fan passion ahead of the team’s home debut.

IKEA BGF - OOH board - Besta

IKEA Canada expands its ‘Green Friday’ project

The retailer is spending the month showing how a circular economy is not only affordable, but convenient.


Ricardo gets its prepped meals to pop on shelf

As part of a bigger back-to-school push, the culinary brand creates a visual platform that works across categories.


Quebec dairy co-op Nutrinor is getting a makeover

The brand leans into trends around traceability, sustainability and innovation to be seen as more than a regional player.


A retailer’s role in the push for sustainable packaging

As CPGs rethink supply chains and join programs like Loop, stores must consider how they use existing physical assets.