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Reactiv: Better brand stories

From its music video start to last year’s relaunch as a creative studio, this shop brings a unique approach to production.

Photo Studio

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Top Shops

How Canada’s production partners are crafting new brand narratives.


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M&H: Integrated production solutions

A pioneering production-as-a-service model has found favour with advertisers in today’s changing creative landscape.


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The Creators Bureau: Branded storytelling

Combining marketing and film expertise creates content that gets brands noticed.

Executive producers Chilo Fletcher and Estelle Weir founded Toronto-based
Someplace Nice in 2013.

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Someplace Nice: Production Solutions

This Toronto production company takes a multi-tasking team approach to meet evolving brand needs.

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Real time with MobileXCo

Helping agencies and brands close the gap between delivering marketing activities and understanding how they contribute to sales.

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All brands need is love…and the insights to build it

New research from Oath reveals six key brand characteristics essential for successfully courting today’s consumers.


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Harness the Power of Mobile Analytics

Whether you have limited data or high quality files, mobile data will help you address your key business challenges.

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Study: Many multicultural plans miss the biggest growth opportunity

Fresh Statistics Canada suggests budget should be allocated to halal marketing.


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Compliance by Design

How an effective compliance department can strengthen client relationships.


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Central Station: Where the journey is central

Built on a philosophy of arriving together, the Toronto indie shop takes clients on a journey.

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Cleansheet: The hopeful indie

The Toronto agency has built itself on an optimistic message. In today’s Trump/Brexit era, it’s paying off.


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Co-op Advertising: The networked indie

With a bevy of creative freelancers and specialists at its fingertips, the Toronto agency punches above its weight.


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Giants & Gentlemen: The grow or die indie

The Toronto agency’s entrepreneurial spirit permeates everything from start-ups to big clients to its own business operations.

Partners Portrait

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Gravity Partners: The personal independent

If you don’t have the right strategy, a great execution is wasted. That’s why this indie has made marketing planning a major focus.