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Data Governance: Priority in a Data-Driven World

Creating a roadmap to protect and manage vital data assets


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Creating ads for today’s streaming audience

Spotify offers advice to advertisers who want to improve their audience’s digital experience.

Lots of brands are attracted to the PR shop for its boutique philosophy to business. And with the deep Omnicom network behind it, Fletcher calls it the “High Road hustle, global muscle” approach.

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High Road

How a management shakeup is helping make the PR agency’s work personal.

With anthropomorphic ginger bread cookies, Co-op’s Christmas campaign was all about showing how it could make holidays easier.

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Putting storytelling at the heart of its efforts to help clients and communities grow.

The Koodo campaign continues to focus on why it’s the happiest choice of cell phone providers, and the services it provides to get consumers smiling.

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Camp Jefferson

A young agency that is fanatical about growing its integrated approach.

Louis Duschene, EVP, General Manager; Melanie Dunn, president and CEO; and Daniel Shearer, EVP, General Manager are leading Cossette’s consumer-centric charge.

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The shop’s consumer-centric revamp gets kicked into high gear.

Zulu Alpha Kilo and Cineplex’s animated short “A Balloon for Ben” hit all the right festive notes and was named one of the best holiday ads of the year by Huffington Post.

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Zulu Alpha Kilo

Why inside the box creativity is indicative of the agency’s defiant spirit.

Percy the Penguin, standing in as the audience, took a bigger role in CIBC’s creative work after Juniper Park\ TBWA tapped into insight that the consumer should be at the heart of the communication message.

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Juniper Park\TBWA

The agency brings together strategy, design and advertising to power its disruption philosophy.

To take the BBDO-created Doritos Ketchup Roses further, Citizen worked with the PepsiCo brand for massive influencer campaign, including a rink-side proposal and a do-it-yourself tutorial.

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Citizen Relations

Digging deep into strategy and experiential helps the agency keep up with consumers.

Meet The Agency A-List

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The A List: Deconstructing the new creativity

Seven shops who’ve navigated the shifts in advertising, and come out on top.


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Making Sense of the 2016 Census

Canadians are aging, more urban and increasingly diverse.


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Kijiji honours the Cannes-Tenders

A celebration of some of the most creative campaigns of the past year, as curated by strategy and hosted by Kijiji.


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Three opportunities most publishers are missing

Discover new opportunities. Increase revenue and scale across formats and channels.


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Creating Better Trade Area Demographics

Abundant and Near or Distant and Loyal?


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The Indie Edge

Defying industry conventions through agency models purpose-built for today’s needs