McDonald’s Canada employees boast twinkle toes

The QSR's employees are the stars of a new TV spot that has them performing a dance choreographed by a judge from So you Think you Can Dance Canada.

Seven genuine McDonald’s recruits have put on their dancing shoes for a new commercial, which bows on TV today and further spurs the QSR’s effort to reveal what goes on behind kitchen curtains.

Recently, the Canadian arm of the franchise asked employees who have a fervent desire to dance on-screen to submit videos of them doing just that. The casting call submissions were whittled down to seven employees, who were flown to Toronto to perform a choreographed dance in a spot created by Cossette and planned by OMD.

The choreographer behind the dance, in which the cast two-steps to prepare a McDonald’s McBistro sandwich, is Luther Brown of So you Think you Can Dance Canada. Brown was also a former employee at the restaurant back when he was a teen.

The 2012 London Olympic Games will be used as the launch pad for the ad, running for a total of two weeks, says Louis Payette, national media relations manager, McDonald’s Canada. The idea revolves around showing that “all of the ingredients are perfectly choreographed to make the sandwich,” he says, adding that apart from the focal TV spot, the brand will be using digital ads to support as well as provide a heavy social media presence.

“Our focus in the last little while has really been about telling our story and the real ingredients, so this was sort of the natural extension to show the real people that bring these products to life in the restaurant,” he further explains.

Payette points to a musical theme, noting that this is the second installment for the McBistro; the first involved actors playing employees who were beatboxing and singing while prepping food. “I think people know us for being a fun and contemporary brand and the first spot saw astounding consumer response,” he adds. “So we felt great about coming back with a similar sort of treatment around dance.”