Shopper Innovation Awards: Packaging

It's what's on the outside that counts for James Ready, Maison Orphee and Maynards, honoured with Gold, Silver and Bronze in this category.


James Ready immortalizes fans 

James Ready wanted to recognize and reward its loyal customers, so it launched a campaign that immortalized 100 of the brand’s most ardent fans with their pictures on the back of its beer labels.

Created by Leo Burnett, the campaign launched with a call-to-action, asking JR drinkers to post (on the brand’s Facebook page) reasons why they’re the most “Awesomest James Ready fans.” For example, one fan showed his loyalty by tattooing the James Ready logo on his arm, and another crafted an elaborate throne made out of JR cardboard cases. The brand’s followers could vote for their favourite submission and 100 of the top entrants had their picture turned into a commemorative label on James Ready beer bottles, which were then sold in stores across Toronto.

The “Drinkers of Awesomeness Bottles” campaign was designed to reward drinkers for their loyalty without investing in paid media, and it received hundreds of submissions on Facebook and generated earned media thanks to press outlets picking up the story.

CCO: Judy John
CD: Judy John, Lisa Greenberg
Group CDs: Anthony Chelvanathan, Steve Persico
CWs: Steve Persico, Marty Hoefkes
AD: Anthony Chelvanathan
Print producers: Gladys Bachand, Kim Burchiel       �
Account exec: Rebecca Simon               �
Account director: Natasha Dagenais                               �
Group account director: David Buckspan
Photographer: Jeremy Lewis



Maison Orphée highlights function over flavour

Maison Orphée, a producer and importer of high-end oils, realized that to survive, it would have to broaden its distribution beyond boutique grocery stores.

The brand’s products were priced highest in its category, creating a listing barrier with category managers at Loblaw, Metro, Sobeys, IGA and Super C in Quebec, Ontario and B.C.

Compared to the boutique grocery store shopper, the supermarket shopper does not have the same in-depth knowledge of refined oils, such as flavour characteristics, different types or how to use them in the kitchen. This insight led Maison Orphée’s agency, Lg2, to change its product labelling from describing the product inside the bottle, to ways it could be used in meals, such as sesame oil in Asian-style stir-fries, extra-virgin olive oil for salads and pestos, and grape seed oil for cooking, frying and fondues.

The packaging transformation convinced supermarket buyers to list Maison Orphée products in stores. Despite a drop in SKUs from 56 to 35 and zero investment in advertising, sales saw an increase of 67.93% since the brand redesigned its labels.

Client: Maison Orphée
Agency: Lg2
VP/CD: Claude Auchu
CW: Sophie Bordes
Designers: Serge Côté, David Kessous, Cindy Goulet
Director group account: Catherine Lanctôt
Group account: Ingrid Roussel, Marion Haimon



Maynards knits new candy icon with ubiquitous packaging

Competitive pressures from Maynards’ direct competitor Wrigley were strong, and the share gap between the two was tightening. Maynards needed to fight back, so it launched a new sour candy called “Granny Smith” which also became the inspiration for a new character of the same name and the centrepiece of Maynards’ marketing efforts.

Working with The Hive, the brand created packaging for the namesake candy that included graphics that looked as though the bag had been knit by Granny Smith herself. Maynards supported the product launch with an out-of-home campaign that literally showed Granny Smith on shelves and in vending machines, which ran across billboards and transit media. In addition, the brand tapped into a cultural phenomenon by creating a “Sour Granny Smith” meme, which appeared as wild postings in urban cores and online.

The campaign ran from May to July, and Granny Smith has also made recurring appearances on Maynards Facebook and YouTube pages. The video has over 230,000 hits, and the campaign was picked up by Buzzfeed, Creativity and Funny Or Die, and sparked conversation on Reddit.

Client: Mondelez Canada
Agency: The Hive
Director of marketing: Mackenzie Davison
Brand manager, Maynards: Jessica Shet
CCO: Simon Creet
AD: Brad Van Schaik
CW: Klint Davies