The YMCA promotes its potential

Launching its first national marketing campaign, the charity is focusing on children and families to spread awareness about what the organization does.

The YMCA has launched its first national marketing campaign, raising awareness for the charity by targeting parents and promoting the good things the organization can do for their children.

With creative from MacLaren McCann and Headspace Marketing and media by M2 Universal, the campaign will rely on donated media space across print, digital, TV and radio, says Meghan Reddick, VP of marketing and communications, YMCA.

Reddick says prior to 2011, each chapter of the organization had its own way of communicating its message, but the brand pulled together under a national identity to communicate its purpose and benefits to Canadians.

“Externally the YMCA is very well known, but not enough Canadians know who we are and how we help to build healthier communities,” she says. “We did some research that showed only 40% of Canadians know we are a charity. We want Canadians to understand what we stand for and how we contribute to local communities.”

The campaign, which was designed to not be linked to any one point in the year, will be in market starting today for at least two years, with each association working with available pieces of media in their market, says Scott McKay, VP, group creative director at MacLaren McCann.