Infographic: Mobile by the numbers

More than half of millennials use a smartphone while watching TV, but 84% browse unrelated content, and other interesting insights from a new study on mobile habits.

Tapped Mobile, App Promo and BrandSpark surveyed 10,800 people on their mobile habits. The study focused on three groups – millennials (18- to 29-year-olds), moms (25- to 54-year-olds with kids at home) and men (25- to 54-year-olds), segmented based on advertisers’ demand. Strategy broke out some interesting numbers. And be sure to check out the infographic below.

Here are some numbers around mobile you should know.

Smartphone usage

  • The top two apps among mobile moms, men and millennials are weather apps and Facebook.
  •  37% of Canadians consider themselves early tech adopters.
  • 77% like trying new products.
  • ½ of men have scanned a QR code, compared to 33% of moms.

 The second screen

  • ½ of people surveyed own a smartphone.
  • 36% own a tablet.
  • Only 12% own a smart TV.
  • 54% of millennials used a smartphone while watching TV.
  • 45% used a tablet.
  • 90% of moms said they pay attention to TV ads.
  • This drops to 77% among millennials.
  • 34% of moms paid attention to mobile ads versus 42% of millennials.

While only 23% of moms claim to use a smartphone, tablet or computer while watching TV, 30% of men and 54% of millennials did. However, very few of them are browsing content related to what they’re watching, with 84% of millennials and 87% of moms saying what they check out online differs from what’s on the TV.

This number drops among men to 73%, and Jed Schneiderman, president of Tapped Mobile, says this is because men tend to be researchers.

“There’s a higher incident of looking at QR code and product information,” he says. “Moms [for example] tend to be more social: they spend more time emailing, checking out ratings and reviews, texting and reaching out to their social circles. I think men are more linear. If they see something, they want to learn more about it. We saw that 13% of men search for information related to advertising based own what they saw on TV, whereas the same data point for moms and millennials was only 9%. It’s not a massive number – only a four-point difference – but it suggests that if a product message can be effectively communicated to a male audience, they’re more likely to follow up and seek more information on their phone or tablet.”

Show me the money

  • Nine out of 10 people say flyers are still the most important way to get shopping trip ideas, compared to two in 10 on mobile (either banner or in app).
  • 20% of millennials use their smartphone while shopping.
  • Of those, 61% use it to reference a personal shopping list, 26% redeemed coupons and 24% looked up product info.
  • ¼ of men with smartphones contacted friends and family members for their opinion while shopping.

If that didn’t satisfy your thirst for numbers, click the infographic below to see more findings from the study or check out the complete study here.

Mobile persona 1

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