McDonald’s takes top Cause + Action honours

With work by Cossette, the QSR is the overall winner of this year's awards celebrating brands' great cause marketing campaigns.

It isn’t old age that’s causing consumer forgetfulness these days. A recent study from Yahoo Canada shows technology is the culprit for crummy memory and ad recall, which is making marketers’ jobs a lot more difficult. It’s tricky enough getting consumers to notice, and remember, brands, so getting them on board with your cause campaign is yet another daunting task.

Take a page from this year’s Cause + Action Award winners, which managed to demonstrate empathy and action, often thanks to striking visuals that put consumers in the shoes of the less fortunate.

For example, overall winner McDonald’s conveyed how Ronald McDonald House impacts the lives of sick kids and their parents with beautifully shot ads documenting the families’ experiences.

And then there is Dove and its 3D billboards made of real swimsuits and soccer cleats to literally show the effects of poor self-esteem, and also Valin Confection, which addressed the negative perception of ex-addicts by filming their road to employment with a custom-made suit.

Cashmere’s ongoing tissue clothing collection and Telus’ new “Critter” campaign for WWF that brought its panda mascots to life also indelibly linked brands and their causes in consumers’ minds, and impressed this year’s C+A judges, who assessed all of the entries on their brand DNA, uniqueness, awareness, legs and overall success. The C+A awards will be handed out at the AToMiC awards show, which takes place on May 15 at Toronto’s Airship 31.

To find out what goes into making a cause campaign unforgettable, read on.

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