Next Big Things

From cars that drive themselves to predictive analytics, read up on what the future holds and what it means for brands.

This story appears in the September 2014 issue of strategy

Here come the robots…and the unmanned flying drones, the self-driving vehicles, the wearable tech, and let’s not forget the algorithm-happy platforms that could very well predict what you’ll want for breakfast before you know yourself. We now live in a world that once would have been reserved for a page in a science fiction novel.

To help quell any uncertainties you may have about robotic technologies and their potential business impact on marketing, strategy spoke to a group of agency technology experts, who some may consider to be cyborgs of the ad world, with their one-part creative and one-part technical backgrounds. They gave us the skinny on who’s doing what in the predictive analytics space, the future of content marketing and how artificial intelligence can one day mix with business intelligence.

As the saying goes, we’ve passed the point of no return, so move forward and read below about a few of the Next Big Things that are shaping the world (and industry), before you’re left behind in the stardust.

From probabilistic to predictive analytics 

Mixing artificial and business intelligence

Brands take to the skies

Marketers tag along for the ride

Wearables go beyond the fitness category 

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