The power of storytelling

Wattpad's business guru Aron Levitz on how the shift in telling stories can forge connections.

We’re thinking you’re probably (or at least should be) skimming your news feed for content to quench your thirsty mind. If you’re parched for a creative boost, put on your headphones and spend a couple minutes listening to the final mesmerizing speaker we caught up with last week at Brightworks’ Innovation Day. And don’t forget to check out Part I and Part II for more on creativity and design.

Like most things these days, storytelling is morphing into something new and exciting. It’s shifting from one- to two-way communication, just like in more primitive days when we would sit around a cave or fire to tell stories that encouraged audience participation, says Aron Levitz.

The head of business development has been able to see this evolution as a result of working at Wattpad, a Toronto-based platform that invites anyone and everyone to write and read stories and books from any device. It’s also on this platform that people can chime in and write to their favourite author (even making suggestions, like ways to make the story more dramatic), and is moving the act of storytelling an inch closer toward mass collaboration.

From Stimulant