Shopper Innovation Awards: Corona ups the patio experience

The beer brand hit the patios in a big way to increase summer sales.

This story appears in the May 2015 issue of strategy.

Bronze: Best Global Adaptation

2013 was not a good year for imported beer: the category was down by 3.8% and Corona was slipping in preference and volume. To help turn the tide, the beer brand and Hunter Straker elevated the outdoor patio experience with a never-done-before Canadian adaptation of a global approach.

Corona partnered with 56 different bars and created unique and customized patio installations, which included wall murals and bar wraps. Each installation was custom-tailored to fit the different bars and included over 10 original pieces for each one (over 600 custom pieces were created).

Patio domination was just the beginning. Corona also designed tools that brought its beach positioning to life across the country. It brought summer to Canadians by placing 11,000 umbrellas, thousands of Corona branded buckets, as well as branded menus and fridges in public areas and event spaces across cities.

Corona drove volume lift of 67% at the partner bars. Additionally, the brand achieved a 102% residual lift, which kept the volume healthy throughout the summer.


Advertiser: Labatt Breweries of Canada
Sr. national brand activation manager: Ashik Bhat
National brand activation manager: Mike D’Agostini
Assistant national brand activation manager: Andrea Boyle
Agency: Hunter Straker Canada
Sr. CD: Milan Sukunda
AD: Sheldon Power
Sr. account director: Ann Laudenbach
Account supervisor: Robyn George
Account coordinator: Brian Winter
Project manager: Michelle Choo-Wing
Installation production: 4print