Liberté’s taste obsession

Its first-ever masterbrand approach highlights the quality of its plain-flavoured products.


Liberté is betting on the quality of its plain-flavoured yogurt and other products in its new, first-ever masterbrand campaign.

The English and French campaign, led by Cossette Montreal, is focused on an obsession with taste, says Jenny Chiasson, communications manager for Liberté. It first launched a taste-focused brand platform last year when it debuted its Greek yogurt with nuts and seeds. Now it’s expanding that to a masterbrand strategy, positioning Liberté as an expert when it comes to dairy and similar products.

The campaign drives to a digital content hub, including videos and other information such as “tasting notes” on ingredients and pairings (such as charred foods or cured foods). The hub includes the largest quantity of content ever created for a specific Liberté campaign, Chiasson says.

More than just promoting products, the masterbrand approach also aims to show Liberté’s values around taste and quality, she says.

The idea was to focus particularly on the quality of Liberté’s plain (non-flavoured) products such as yogurt, kefir, crème fraiche and cream cheese, to show that at its most basic level, its taste is superior. The campaign forgoes providing specific recipes or steps to follow, instead using the idea of a “flavour bomb,” or showing how putting Liberté together with other ingredients can create great results, Chiasson says. For example, it partnered with micro-distillery owner Paul Cirka for a drink recipe combining its kefir, gin and lavender.

Cirka is one of several taste “obsessives” Liberté has partnered with for the digital hub, which will roll out more content through the summer. For example, one video also features cookbook seller Jonathan Cheung, who talks about following your instincts when it comes to preparing food.

Online, it’s also currently running a teaser-type spot driving to the microsite, along with a 60-second spot called “The taste obsession.” A 30-second version of that spot will also run on TV beginning next week until late July. The campaign includes pre-roll, native advertising, sponsored posts and social media. Cossette Montreal also led media.