IKEA makes sleep a beautiful thing

A new spot reminding productivity obsessed people to get their rest also marks a strategic shift that will guide creative to 2020.


IKEA Canada is turning its attention to helping people get ready for the day as part of the next phase of its “Beautiful Possibilities” platform.

The home furnishings retailer has begun airing the first spot under what will be more than a yearlong focus on the theme of “Get Ready for Life,” anticipated to guide creative through August 2020.

Following last year’s “Make Room for Life,” which looked at life in the living room, the new strategic focus falls on activities around the bedroom and bathroom, and the sleeping, storage and general morning routines that take place there.

“Night Owls,” the first spot to roll out under that theme, brings attention to consumers’ need for more sleep at time when longer commutes, careers and stress often get in the way of being well-rested. The main insight is that as more people justify missing out on sleep in the name of productivity, exhaustion becomes akin to a status symbol.

The 30-second TV ad shows three ordinary individuals going through life like zombies, sleepily typing out that last email from bed or binging the latest show into the early hours of the morning. That’s where the retailer steps to remind people that this is not normal and that they should go to sleep. “Get ready for the best thing ever,” says Jonas, the classic spokesman IKEA brought back for its sustainability-focused “Lamp 2″ spot in September.

“Sleeping,” he says. “It’s the new not sleeping.”

Contained within the broader “Beautiful Possibilities” platform, launched in September 2017, the “Get Ready for Life” theme is meant to show that “home is where we can feel safe and where we can embrace our true selves,” says Lauren MacDonald, IKEA’s head of marketing. “It is where we recharge and regain balance.”

McDonald says the objective of the first push is to remind customers of the necessity of a good night’s sleep, while positioning the brand as the “complete sleep expert” offering everything from mattresses and pillows to bed frames and blackout blinds.

The campaign, handled by the Toronto office of IKEA Canada’s AOR Rethink, is appearing on social and radio, direct mail, digital out-of-home and on IKEA’s own channels.