Dempster’s launches Brioche Style Pull-Apart buns

The new SKU is supported by a campaign that has its employees making meals with vegan-friendly brioche.

Dempsters-1Dempster’s is rolling out a new roll. The product is the brand’s own take on a traditional brioche  but instead of eggs and butter, this one is vegan-friendly.

The new nosh, dubbed a Brioche Style Pull-Apart is being supported by three digital spots, as well as in-store marketing that shows off the bun’s product attributes.

dempsters2“Pull-Apart is a new launch, and a new way to call out a roll segment,” says Tania Goecke, senior director of marketing at Canada Bread. She says brioche is a growing baked goods segment that’s on trend, but the advantage of the new Pull-Apart compared with other baked goods/rolls is that it’s more versatile.

“We needed to define it for consumers and demonstrate the versatility of what a Pull-Apart is,” says Goecke. That’s why the brand highlighted both sweet and savoury elements in the campaign videos, where Dempster’s Hamilton, Ontario employees demonstrate how the brioche-style roll can be used in a bread pudding, Indian street food dish, and plant-based sliders.

The tagline is “Limitless options, just pull them apart,” she says. “On the back of the bag, we are calling out the vegan play to make consumers aware that this is a faux-brioche, not containing egg or butter,” she says. According to Goecke, the packaging aligns with its premium deluxe line, and that the brand is highlighting recipes on the side, as well as its “simple ingredients” value proposition.

Because this is a 12-pack of buns that typically lays flat on the shelf, Goecke says the brand is using a shelf holder that’s angled up for better product visibility. She adds that Dempster’s is marketing the product in time for Thanksgiving. Dinner roll formats do well around that holiday, she says.

Dempster’s is rolling out the Brioche-style Pull Apart first in Ontario, under Walmart, Longo’s, Metro, Sobeys banners. The brand wants the Brioche Style Pull-Apart to be permanent, she says, but performance will dictate if the SKU stays.

The master brand recently underwent an overhaul, which emphasizes its history in Canada. The Hot Plate worked on the digital campaign, with influencers being enlisted to help bring the recipes to life on social.