Which commercials will Canadians see during the Super Bowl?

With simsub now back in effect, here is what viewers can expect during the ad breaks on CTV's broadcast of the game.

In December, the Supreme Court of Canada overturned a previous ban by the CRTC on simultaneous substitution during Canadian broadcasts of the Super Bowl, once again giving local brands the opportunity to get some attention during the game’s broadcast.

Given how recently the CRTC policy was overturned, Canadian companies and their ad agencies didn’t have a lot of time to pull together robust Super Bowl plans. But some have still managed to time some major ad and campaign launches with the big game’s broadcast on CTV, while others are using what is one of the highest-viewed TV events of the year to get more eyeballs on their existing efforts (and, of course, several others will be airing adaptations of Super Bowl ads that are also airing in the U.S.).

If you’re not a football fan, or don’t want to wait until Sunday, here is a list of the ads we know we will be seeing on Sunday.


The telco will be debuting new creative on Sunday, with a football-themed ad showing how the Fibe TV app lets customers watch TV across different devices.

Prior to kickoff, the company’s Bell Media division will also be airing a two-minute trailer for Transplant, a new medical drama that is set to premiere on CTV on Feb. 26.


The brewer will be airing a Canada-exclusive update of the classic “Whassup” ads, with the conversation taking place between connected home tech. True to the message of the ad – “it’s a smart world, don’t be stupid about how you get around” – Budweiser has partnered with Uber so that, during the game, the ad will air with a promo code to ensure people are able to get a safe ride home. Read more about the campaign, created by Mosaic, here.

Genesis Auto Canada

The Hyundai-owned luxury brand is airing an adaptation of “Going Away Party,” an ad starring celebrity couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. The ad kicks off Genesis’ “Young Luxury” campaign aimed at positioning the newer brand as a “younger,” more exciting alternative to legacy brands in the category. The ad was created by Innocean USA, with the agency’s Canadian office securing local media space.

Hyundai Auto Canada

Hyundai will be airing an adaptation of “Smaht Pahk,” a U.S. ad that debuted online earlier this week and shows Boston natives Chris Evans, Rachel Dratch and John Krasinski marveling over the automaker’s Smart Park feature in exaggerated hometown accents. The ad was created by Innocean USA, with the agency’s Canadian outpost securing local media space.

Intuit TurboTax

The tax software company is kicking off this year’s tax season campaign. New creative from Juniper Park\TBWA is promoting the company’s TurboTax Live offering, showing how giving users a tax expert is one less thing that separates them from the comforts of high society.

Kia Canada

The automaker will be airing “Long Live Surprise,” a Canadian ad that’s part of a campaign to take a more emotional approach to the sense of “fun and excitement” associated with the automaker’s design style. The campaign, created by Innocean Canada, is also aimed at high-profile event viewing – it debuted during the Grammy’s earlier this month, and will also be seen during the Canadian broadcast of the Oscars. Read more about the campaign here.

Maple Leaf Foods

The food company will be debuting a new campaign from Sid Lee on Sunday, one focused on getting Canadians to examine their food consumption habits, part of the company’s wider sustainability efforts.


The food delivery service will be debuting new creative as part of its “Regular Canadian Guy” campaign, featuring actor Jon Hamm


Wealthsimple will be airing “Half a Million Mikes,” an ad that debuted earlier this month and focuses on the humble roots of co-founder and CEO Michael Katchen to emphasize the fintech company’s positioning around offering finance service “for everyone.” Read more about the campaign here.

Other brands advertising during the Super Bowl

Some brands are leaving their exact plans up to surprise, but according to CTV parent company Bell Media, the broadcast will feature new campaigns from BMW and Nissan (in addition to its status as official car of the NFL), as well as other campaigns from Cavendish Farms, Irving Tissues, Stelara, Subway, PepsiCo, Questrade and Telus.