Belairdirect seeks to simplify insurance with a complicated dance number

The company's latest cinema-inspired ad zeroes in on customers looking for a greater sense of control over their insurance.

In it latest cinematic campaign, Belairdirect is showing how its tools offer the sense of control insurance customers are looking for when the unexpected happens.

“We really tried to show to consumers how easy it is to deal with an accident when you’re a Belairdirect client,” says Humberto Valencia, VP of marketing and digital strategy at Belairdirect.

Seemingly evoking images of musicals like West Side Story, “The Gangs” campaign shows a dance-off in the street, when a car veers off the road, mounts the curb and hits a house to avoid running into the dance-fighters. The homeowner and driver seem perturbed until the lead dance fighter tells them about Belairdirect’s home claim forgiveness and accident forgiveness. The homeowner relaxes after learning about how Belairdirect can protect premiums from going up due to it being his first claim.

Belairdirect’s overall positioning is about simplifying the world of insurance. “We strongly believe that to make insurance simple, we have to be able to equip our clients so that they’re in control of their insurance as much as possible. Everything that we’re doing is to ladder up to that,” Valencia says.

Valencia says the campaign has a broad target, and the company is looking to “attract people who want to manage their insurance themselves.” While the company does have sales advisers that customers can call, enforcing the piece of mind and advice a broker can bring has been more the realm of parent company Intact, with Belairdirect instead focusing on more DIY tools, services and options.

Previously known for its “knight” character, Belairdirect has recently been taking more of a storytelling approach in its advertising, though Valencia says this campaign has more of a light-hearted setting than mafia bosses and haunted houses.

Sid Lee Toronto was the creative agency behind the campaign, with PHD Montréal on the media buy. In addition to TV, the campaign includes online videos, radio, digital, out-of-home and social elements in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, the company’s primary markets.