Perrier cozies up to the arts world again

The brand maintains its legacy of creative collaborations, this time to stand out in a competitive sparkling water aisle.


Takashi Murakami’s style is described as “superflat,” but carbonated water brand Perrier is hoping its new collab with the Japanese contemporary artist will pop out on shelves.

Murakami is known for his signature smiling flowers, fusing elements of colorful manga and anime from his native Japan, work that will animate a limited edition line of 500 ml and one litre bottles and 250 ml cans.


“Perrier has a rich history of investing in creativity and inspiring artistry,” explains Ashley Edelstein, senior marketing manager at Perrier Canada.

Edelstein tells strategy partnerships with iconic artists over the past 100 years have included the likes of Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali. Warhol’s silkscreen prints featuring the Perrier logo in the 80s were incorporated into the brand’s sesquicentennial celebrations with a similar LTO launch in 2013. A collage Dali designed for the brand in the 60s can currently fetch up to €100,000 at auction.

More recently, in 2015, the brand released limited edition playful packaging “Inspired by Street Art”, created by French photographic and calligraphy artist, L’Atlas. 

According to Edelstein, the Murakami’s floral aesthetic is a perfect complement to Perrier, which is a brand she says is rooted in eccentric style, unique design, and cultural connection.

Edelstein says not only will the packaging catch the eye with the average shopper, it’ll also appeal to those familiar with the contemporary arts world who would be “thrilled to have a collectible item featuring Murakami’s works.”

According to Edelstein, the sparkling water category has been growing significantly over the past few years thanks to brands delivering on consumers’ health and wellness needs. Investment in new flavour-focused brands like PepsiCo’s Bubly and Coca-Cola’s Aha, launched to capitalize on increased demand, have generated enough buzz that legacy brands like Perrier and Montellier need to step up efforts to stand out.

Strategic Objectives is the PR agency leading the brand’s media and influencer relations in  support of the launch in Canada.

The Perrier team along with Takashi Murakami and the artist’s Kaikai Kiki Studio collaborated to bring the launch to market.