Fido connects over diversity within the LGBTQ community

The telco's multi-pronged Pride campaign aims to bring people together while in-person celebrations are still off the table.


Fido is using its platform to once again help keep the LGBTQ+ community connected, particularly when it comes to sharing their experiences and learning from each other.

With in-person celebrations once again ruled out due to the pandemic in many cities, the telecommunications company sought other meaningful ways to show its support in order “to celebrate what makes our communities so unique,” says Nancy Thomas, VP of Fido Brand. “We believe that Pride is more than six colours and there is incredible power in diversity.”

The campaign consists of several components, led by a hero spot that continues the “Connect To Accept” message it launched last year. The video begins by acknowledging that Pride is again “going to look different,” but still shows people connecting with other members of their community through their mobile phones. The screens light up each their faces in different colours, representing not just the rainbow Pride flag, but flags for other, more specific groups within the LGTBQ+ community, such as people that are transgender, bisexual and genderqueer.

The message behind the spot is that there is diversity within the LGBTQ+ community, and that connecting over that diversity makes the community stronger.

A social initiative takes a similar approach, with Fido providing AR filters on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to create a similar effect as is seen in the spot. For every photo shared on social media with the hashtag #ConnectToAccept – or its French equivalent, #ConnecterPourAccepter – Fido is making a $1 donation to PFLAG, up to $25,000.

It was important to Fido to include the many flags of Pride because “most people only see one flag representing Pride and the community,” says Thomas.

“The LGBTQ2S+ community is much more diverse than just six colours. Without awareness of all groups, there cannot be true acceptance for all,” she adds. “Our campaign is rooted in advocating and educating, which is why is was critical that we were truly inclusive in how we celebrate this year.”

The photo-sharing push is one of several components of Fido’s Pride campaign that raise funds for PFLAG Canada, a national organization that offers peer-to-peer support on issues of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Another is the “#ConnectToAccept Write-a-thon,” a short story contest created in partnership with Wattpad. For every story submitted to the contest, the two companies are donating $1 to PFLAG, up to a total of $3,000. The goal is to create a bank of stories relevant to the LGBTQ+ community.

Fido is also sharing stories of LGBTQ2S+ Canadians across its social feed, says Thomas, where it is spotlighting a member of the community every week in June, who will describe in their own words what it means to them to feel representation and belonging.

Fido has also developed a microsite for the campaign, where people can place the flag that represents them onto their home province on a map of Canada and, in doing so, help to create a visual display of the community across the country.

Each of these individual efforts were part of Fido’s plan to help the community “show up and be themselves in a safe, supportive space,” says Thomas.

“Pride remains an important space for the entire LGBTQ+ community to come together and be their true, authentic self, without judgment or discrimination,” she adds. “Although we would prefer to celebrate with the community in person – we are excited to continue the conversation and celebrate virtually this year.”

The campaign was developed by Fido with creative agency Theo. 4ZERO1 worked on production, while SDI Marketing is the activation agency.