The 2022 Marketing Awards kicks off centennial edition

The competition launches its jubilee year with familiar chair faces, a campaign from Zulu and a dedicated Public Service jury.

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At 100-years-old, the Marketing Awards has never looked better.

This week the program kicks off its 100th anniversary edition with a suite of (old and new) chairs, a glitzy centennial campaign, and a first-ever jury panel for the Public Service Advertising track.

In recognition of the competition’s mammoth run, strategy has brought back several past chairs to help handle jury duties – namely the 2011 inaugural Multicultural chair Gavin Barrett (Barrett and Welsh), the 2019 inaugural Craft chair Steve Mykolyn (Castor Design), as well as returning Advertising chair Zak Mroueh (Zulu Alpha Kilo), and Design chair Claire Dawson (Underline Studios).

These industry heavyweights will co-helm their respective categories alongside incoming chairs including Focus Communications’ Loretta Lam (Multicultural), Grayson Music’s Tyson Kuteyi (Craft), Taxi’s Alexis Bronstorph (Advertising), and 123w’s Mooren Bofill (Design).

And for the first time, the 2022 Marketing Awards will have a separate dedicated Public Service Advertising jury, with inaugural chairs Krista Webster of Veritas and Jenny Glover of Juniper Park/TBWA doing the co-chair honours.

The program will continue to recognize the diversity and inclusion strides that agencies and brands have made in their campaigns through its Jury D&I awards, which first launched in 2020. If applicable, this year’s entrants are asked to include more detail on their D&I efforts both in front-of-the-camera and behind-the-scenes.

This year’s “100 years of…” campaign is the brainchild of Zulu Alpha Kilo, and will continue to roll out online and in print until the competition’s final deadline next month. The early bird deadline is Monday, January 17, 2022 and the last day to enter work will be Friday, February 18.

For more information about this year’s awards and categories, visit the Marketing Awards website.