Desjardins puts businesses’ success at the forefront

In an effort to reach both small and large businesses, the company is telling their success stories in a way that doesn't "take ownership" of their achievements.


Desjardins is highlighting entrepreneurs who’ve successfully scaled their business in the finance brand’s latest effort to reach businesses in Quebec.

The integrated campaign – created with agency partners Bleublancrouge and Glassroom – focuses on three business success stores: two in food production, and one in animation. It integrates the brand’s chevron logo as a visual representation of how Desjardins business advisors are hyper-focused on helping clients achieve their growth ambitions.

According to Sofie Girouard, senior advisor, marketing, at Desjardins, the creative concept puts the success stories in the foreground, with Desjardins’ contribution to helping them scale in the background, so as to not overshadow or take ownership of these businesses’ success.

Bleublancrouge account director Catherine Lussier adds that the campaign is about letting people know that Desjardins offers more than just services that support small businesses, but that it can assist with larger, growing and later stage enterprises as well. According to Lussier, the target is mainly seasoned entrepreneurs who have been running a business for a while, rather than those in the startup phase.

In contrast to other campaigns, the business advisor campaign work takes a more serious tone than ones highlighting other facets of Desjardins business, such as a recent effort spotlighting contractors for its home insurance brand RenoAssistance, which featured comedian François Bellefeuille.

In 2019, Desjardins joined the sponsorship roster of Dragons’ Den, as a means of showcasing its GoodSpark brand platform and boosting social entrepreneurship. Timed with this latest campaign is a new major sponsorship with the Quebec version, L’oeil du dragon, taking over from National Bank.

The latest work also includes the Radio Canada talk show Tout le Monde en parle, in addition to more targeted tactics. Entrepreneurs will also be highlighted through online and offline media in video, audio, banners and on social networks.

The brand is also finding success with longer form media as well, such as 30-minute podcasts, featuring both entrepreneurs as well as Desjardins personnel, to add to the credibility of its business advisor messaging. It’s not the brand’s first foray into the medium: earlier this summer, Desjardins rolled out a branded podcast, focused on community mindedness.

Ad spend, Lussier notes, is in line with past efforts, although the mix is geared toward less traditional media.